Zhuyin King—The Mandarin phonics trainer

Mark Wilbur

Have you ever wanted to improve your understanding of Mandarin phonics without filtering through the Latin alphabet? 

Would you like to be able to take advantage of the millions of books published in Taiwan that use these phonetic annotations next to characters? Do you want to know what those symbols on Chinese keyboards are? If so, then give Zhuyin King (注音大王) a try!

  • A downloadable Windows or Mac application
  • You can use it offline
  • A layout of all 37 bopomofo symbols
  • A review page for each line in the alphabet
  • Multiple audio recordings for each symbol
  • Male and female voices
  • Audio can be played on click or hover
  • Keyboard controls so you can drill faster
  • No flashcards yet
  • All symbols are pronounced in the first tone

This is alpha version software and priced accordingly. As new features such as flash cards or tone drills are added the price will go up substantially and alpha customers will get the improvements free of charge.

This product is not currently for sale.

Zhuyin King—The Mandarin phonics trainer